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Need to sell your home?

Most sellers view this as a daunting task. It's difficult for them to know where to begin. Usually, they'll do a Zillow search and see what Zillow says about its value. That's an excellent place to start. I have found that they're usually close. That is, if your home is average. Zillow's pricing is based on recent sales of a similar style located near you. A computer develops a value or expected sale price by dividing similar homes' average sale price by the square footage above the ground of your home. I do it the same way except for one significant difference.

I look at the home, carefully checking out its condition, decorating, apparent deferred maintenance, the popularity of its location, and what a buyer will see when they call up in front of the property. Zillow cannot do this. Computers are great at math, not a valuation of your home. How could they be? They haven't visited your property.

So why not start with Zillow but complete the short form below and let's see what our computers say your home is worth? But if you want to know a more accurate value, call me, or drop me a text or an email, and we'll set up a time to look at your property. I'll give you an accurate figure. I'll let you know what would be worth spending money on when you bring it to the market and what would be a waste of money. I'll explain the process, and I have a sizable discount to offer on the listing fee based on some conditions. All this with no fee.

Dale Stonehocker, Associate Broker, RE/MAX Precision, Phone or Text: 515-201-0574,